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Johnnie is an experienced and professional Frontend Engineer with over 8 years of valuable experience in developing and maintaining Web and Saas platforms. Familiar and adept in working with different spheres of software engineering. Reputation for continually achieving on- time and under-budget performance goals. Accustomed to handling project risks, QA testing, system maintenance, and supporting various engineering departments with IT tools and applications. Bringing forth a motivated attitude and the ability to establish strong and productive relationships with other company members. Johnnie specializes in creating custom web applications and services in JavaScript, TypeScript, ES 6+, PHP/Laraval, and Ruby, React, Vue, and Angular.   Johnnie's last two projects consisted of the development of a market intelligence platform (setting up infrastructure and building each page with ReactJS and Redux) and a learning platform (created application mockups), both built from scratch.   GitHub: https://github.com/rock-dev-guru/
Dmitry is a full-stack web engineer with 10+ years experience, getting his start working on simple e-commerce installations. Since then, he has progressed to building and working with large, highly-customized and integrated platforms, becoming an expert in PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, HTML5/CSS3, infrastructure, DevOps, back-of-house operations, performance auditing, coding standards, version control, single-page applications, and more. Certifications held in TypeScript, JavaScript, Angular, React, Node.js, and Vue.js. https://github.com/idimetrix
Ricardo is an experienced front end web developer as well as a JavaScript developer with knowledge in Angular and React frameworks.
Front End, Mobile
UI Architect and Developer with 8 years of experience of which the last 3 have focused on building responsive and cross-platform apps for big data, predictive analysis, and most recently IoT systems. Thomas is an expert with modern JavaScript technologies, he began with Angular but now prefers React and is interested in Vue.
ReactVueAfter EffectsInVisionPhoneGapAngularIonicNode
Back End, Front End, Database
Full Stack Software / Data / Web Engineer with experience in application architecture, most major object-oriented languages and backend frameworks, modern and legacy frontend (React, Angular, JavaScript, CSS, HTML), automated unit testing, and relational (SQL) and NoSQL databases.

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