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Bogdan is an elite Software Engineer with more than 18 years of professional experience designing and developing web applications and connected systems. He has extensive IT experience in several different areas and languages, as well as excellent database administration skills in both SQL Server and Oracle RDBMS. Bogdan has in-depth experience rewriting APIs into Spring Boot microservices and has recently been working on Python with distributed services on Amazon Cloud using AWS Lambda functions and AWS Glue jobs. is a certified Oracle instructor in SQL and PL/SQL  Bogdan is a certified Oracle instructor in SQL and PL/SQL and is a passionate developer that is highly capable of both hands-on engineering and technical/architectural leadership.
Bala is a Technical Architect with over 10 years of professional experience designing and building modern web architecture. He has over 9 years with AWS and 8 years with Big Data and Data Analytics and is experienced in designing and implementing complex cutting-edge solutions. He has worked with enterprise healthcare companies in the past both building and designing their web frameworks. Bala has worked exclusively with US-based companies where English communication was the standard.
Rajat is a results-oriented and versatile Data Engineer / Machine Learning Engineer (MLOps) with 5+ years of experience in writing ETL and data pipelines and deploying ML models.  He is talented in solving real-world challenges with business & analytical acumen and has experience in strategy, business processes, and operations across various industries. He is proficient with open source tools, APIs, and handling all stages of the data science lifecycle and has strong hands-on experience in Python, SQL, Tableau, Spark, Docker, AWS & GCP cloud.  Rajat has also coached analysts and fellow data scientists in Data Analytics, Big Data, engineering best practices, and quantitative modeling techniques
Jeff is an expert Data Analytics and Information Governance leader with more than 25 years of experience in solving complex data and information problems in both public and private sectors. He has proven expertise in IT Strategy, Data Analytics, Data Warehousing, Software Development, and Information Governance Strategy and Implementation.  His most recent project focused on the legal industry, leading and developing the data and analytics practice, providing turnkey enterprise analytics and reporting solutions to clients.
David is an enthusiast about new technologies and systems with more than 11 years of experience in the IT sector specializing in Big Data and in designing and running Hybrid environments (On-premises & Cloud).   Accomplished in architecting and implementing solutions for the Energy and Banking sectors where processing data on time is crucial. Talented in leading IT projects in healthcare involving clinical and molecular data, which requires especial attention to anonymization and ad hoc techniques. Recent project includes managing the Software release lifecycle as well as taking care of the multiple clusters on-premises and in private cloud.  
Database, Data Science
Jefferson is a Senior Data Engineer with over 15 years of experience providing complete business intelligence solutions for medium to enterprise customers. Jefferson is well-versed in designing complex data models, implementing massive ETL systems, and developing insightful dashboards and data visualizations. He is experienced across SQL, NoSQL, Big Data, and Cloud environments.

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