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Mark is a seasoned professional full stack software developer with expertise in Cloud API and enterprise application development for multiple industries. Solid skills with multiple Database vendors (Azure, Redis, DB2, Oracle), and all aspects of Application development including Agile Methodologies, several Front End coding frameworks (Angular, Vue, React, JQuery, JavaScript) and over 23 years of coding in C#.


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St. Jude Children's Hospital/ALSAC

Senior Developer

Work Experience : 2021 - Present

Working on the Rapid Application Development team which reports directly to the C level executives. The team takes on new technical problems and creates prototypes and proof of practicality projects using cutting edge toolsets. Currently, he is building Azure Microservices written in .Net Core/C# and Robotic Process Automation tools (UIPath) to automate several applications so they no longer require much if any human interaction. He coded and deployed several of these, starting from scratch, built the API layers and robotic front end, and deployed the applications using UIPath’s Orchestrator. He configured all of the applications to use Queues, Monitoring, and Configuration setup. He also helped install and configure OKTA and SSO (Single Sign On) functionality.


Hilton Grand Vacation

Azure & .NET Core Developer


Work Experience : 2020 - 2021

Azure Developer for Microservices and Cloud API using CosmosDB and Serverless functions. Worked on two separate teams, one for front end in React and the other for Azure API/Microservices development. He was tasked with modifying and redesigning from scratch one of Hilton’s main applications. His work involved a mix of C# and Angular to create Azure Microservices, Azure Blobs, and Angular front end components, which called out to multiple API’s running on Azure. These services then executed large stored procedures across several databases returning the results. He used Devops for the deployment pipeline and for handling tickets, Repos, and Code reviews.



Azure Integration Architect Developer

Work Experience : 2019 - 2020

Azure Integration Architect working on a large team of sixty developers, redesigning all the company’s main applications for handling accounting, time tracking, HR, and client communication.
Starting from discussions with the business, he would create two documents — the business and technical design documents. Then he coded, tested, and deployed the application onto Azure Dev. He would check-in the code package so it could be deployed using DevOps.
All applications were built using PAAS, Azure Cloud Services, including Service Bus, Logic Apps, Data Factory, Azure Blob and Azure Event Grid. All code was designed and deployed in the cloud, not on local machines. Everything was scripted and deployed without dependence on local source-code.
Interacted every day with multiple departments and managers at various levels within the organization. Used GitHub on DevOps with a CI/CD pipeline for source control and Deployment
Responsible for architectural design of each integration, end to end development and testing. All of the Enterprise Integrations involved multiple steps and a wide range of technologies, including Informatica Business Process development, DB2 databases, Mainframe Data (AS400) communication, and a variety of other systems. Front end using React and testing services using Postman.


Fox/Disney Studios

Tech Lead API / Application Designer

Work Experience : 2019 - 2020

Worked on the Fox/Disney Screeners Application (Disney+ service) with a massive client base of over 100,000+ users in multiple countries on multiple devices including web, iOS, Android and TVOS. Daily use of multiple DevOps services including builds & deployment to multiple servers.
Worked on all aspects of a large Enterprise scale .NET Core 2.1 (Disney+) application using a Single Page model architecture with AngularJS and Angular 7 for front end logic.
Used C# to develop and modify WebAPI logic in a multi-tier service/object-oriented architecture with a single sign on architecture to handle multiple authentication providers (OKTA).
Assisted in rewriting the security and membership logic for integration with Disney’s Authorization API. All of the meta data for each movie and television show is controlled by this application.
Backend was all SQL Server stored procedures and Redis (for caching data). All database modifications were handled using Entity Framework/Codefirst deployment using scripts.
Wrote Azure PowerShell scripts to automate programming/reporting tasks and wrote all the scripts to backup/transfer and execute SSRS Reports. Worked on a series of Webjobs to execute reports.
For build/test/deployment and pull requests, used the continuous integration (CI/CD) DevOPS pipeline service on Azure and deployed every day to QA and test environments. All code was reviewed using Github’s pull request process and the CI/CD pipeline prior to acceptance and merging to allow for comments and improvements.


Office Depot

Technical Lead / Senior API Developer


Work Experience : 2018 - 2019

Technical lead on the API functionality. Met daily with at least three business analysts and the heads of several departments as part of a team responsible for creating a new application to manage hundreds of vendor contracts on thousands of products sold at Office Depot.
Divided the Front-End tasks between Angular developer and himself.
Converted the specifications into WEBAPI functions and Angular 7.0 components.
Was the lead on several core sections of the .Net CORE WEBAPI application, including the search and filtering Front end and API which worked over several hierarchies of classifications, the front and back end for the Hierarchy Management which dynamically re-assigned contracts according to rules, and Payment Installments Front and Back End API for extending and authorizing payment durations.
All of the components were written in C# on Web API, .NET Core 2.1, and Angular 7.0. All code was tested and passed by a team of QA testers and was ready for Deployment.



Technical Lead / Application Architect

Work Experience : 2016 - 2018

Lead Application Architect/Senior Developer, responsible for the company’s primary application.
Built three main Case Management applications which are now in use by several Caribbean Countries including Trinidad/Tobago and Barbados.
Prototyped, coded, and deployed most of the major sections using MVC and WebAPI in C# on Azure in .NET Core 2.1. Coded all Angular prototypes and examples for entire team to use.
Lead Developer for the entire team of 10. Overcame several challenges including research and coding for creation, installation and testing of Digital Certificate signing for PDF documents on Azure, Document Storage, and retrieval using Azure Blob Service.
Setup, coded, and deployed Microservice applications on Azure for converting 1000-page Word documents to PDF. Using AWS, created Docker applications to compare with Azure.
Setup the CI/CD pipeline from scratch and was responsible for Dev, QA and Production deployment, and digital certificate creation and deployment.
Ran daily SCRUM meetings, wrote specifications and ran daily code reviews, gave out task assignments, and reported on timeline estimates for a team of 10 developers.
Coded multiple pages and components in Vue.js on several projects with second team.


G4S Secure Solutions

Senior Developer


Work Experience : 2015 - 2016

Tasked with redesigning sections of the database to allow for reporting on XML fields and for handling large tables (over 50 million records).
Wrote and implemented a SQL-based solution to parse and migrate the XML into a set of relational summary tables. Query time dropped from two minutes down to five seconds.




Senior Application API Developer

Work Experience : 2014 - 2015

Designed, coded, and deployed sections of a healthcare application to allow users to drag and drop entire sections and templated form elements, eliminating the need to manually create HTML documents.
Designed, coded, tested, and deployed a Print Preview function in ReactJS to display a printed version including patient information from a newly created form.
Researched and coded a unique way of providing an Undo/Redo function to allow users to go back in history and return to how the form looked previously. This allowed an unlimited number of “go backs,” making form creation easy and more intuitive.
This feature made the application function almost exactly like a Windows application, which is not easy to emulate in a web application.



System Architect / Developer

Work Experience : 2012 - 2014

Was the lead Architect responsible for coding of the front end (Angular.js), middle tier (MVC in C#) and back end (Entity Framework).
Led a team of developers and graphic artists in the design of an Online Medical Appointment system for various medical providers.
Redesigned the system using Bootstrap to be compatible with Mobile devices.
Coded a Systray application using SignalR to popup real time appointment requests.
Designed a few clever geographic functions in SQL Server, to handle queries for finding doctors within a range of 5 to 500 miles. Also coded entire backend and logic of system.
Converted entire MVC application to use Angular.js and AJAX to improve response times and user experience.
Created a web version of the customer search page in Unity3D, installed locally for offline usage. This allowed users to search and display patient information when the internal network went offline.




Architect/Senior Developer IV


Work Experience : 2010-2012

Redesigned and architected the core of MenuVantage, the company’s main income producing application, which provides automotive warranty products to over 65% of auto dealerships in the US.


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